Dear Future Me,

Dear Future Me,

July 6, 2020

Written by Helen Stewart.

Dear Future Me,

Practise thankfulness. No matter how much uncertainty you face, embrace the posture of thankfulness. Be thankful for life itself, for God- given breath.

Always remember that life is different for others. Be sensitive to the spirit within you. This has been such a painful and stressful time for so many; continue to share the burden. Choose to be present for others, whether shop assistants, neighbours or passers by.

Be present in prayer, don’t just use words. Pray with expectation, for God hears your prayers. Wow. Keep on praying whenever someone comes to mind. Pray for revelation of who Jesus is that many would come to know him and know him better. Be church.

With regards our online world, be wise. Be selective and disciplined. In worship, do not spectate, do not be an observer. Worship in spirit and in truth. Be expectant.

Befriend stillness, silence and solitude, God’s trinity of companions. Consciously tune into quietness, to the wonders of nature, to birdsong. Continue to practise meditation. You have benefitted so much from slowing down. Savour every breath, treasure every moment and offer yourself back to each day with a wilder-ness of spirit and a love for others just as God has loved you.

Avoid hurry like a disease. Jesus was never in a hurry. He had so many interruptions but he kept going with ease. Space for God and love for people were his top priorities; continue to make these yours. You do not have to fill your time, whether with jobs, responsibilities or with other people. I repeat, you do not have to fill your time. Embrace freedom just to be. Learn to let reality, even in its uncertainty, be your teacher, rather than living in the illusion that you are creating it on your own. Remember, you are not in charge. Keep out of the driving seat!

Remind yourself of these truths on a regular basis and better still, live them.

Helen (6/7/20)

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One comment on “Dear Future Me,”

  1. Love this, Helen - especially ‘befriend stillness, silence and solitude.’ I am weary of the jangling noise, clamour and incessant race of life’s busyness.
    My desire in this new season is to draw into a place of peace and tranquility. May I deepen my relationship with my holy and Heavenly Father as I take time to simply be and embrace that holy silence and Presence throughout each day.

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